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Autism is a part of our community,

and we would love to support you.

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Autism Today...

A new estimate found that 1 in every 40 children is diagnosed with autism in the United States.

Parents whose children are diagnosed with autism are confronting new challenges for their kids’ adulthood.
After turning into 21, all the educational supports and services they have been receiving will vanish.
This woefully lacking system for disabled adults pushes their families into harsh realities.

Here's what we do

Activating social participation for autistic adults is our desire.

FANEROS is a non-profit organization for autistic adults and their family.
Our mission is to empower autistic adults to widen out their experience through the various activities
that we offer and to socialize them as a part of our community. 

Weekly Program

We believe having various experience would broaden their mind.

Experiencing multiple activities for people with autism can bring out different benefits
in important areas, such as social skills, motor skills, and endurance.
Our weekly program starts from 9 AM to 5 PM on every Thursday & Friday,
including hiking, violin class, Taekwondo, yoga, and so on.

Get Involved

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Talent Donation

We would love to expand

our activities,

join us as an instructor.

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Participate as a volunteer

on our activities


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Contact us

if you are interested in sponsoring our program.

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