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Ever since the inception of COVID-19, our operations were forced to cease and we stopped receiving governmental aid and reimbursements.

Our beloved adults, some of whom have been with us since the start of our ongoing mission, are no unable to depend on our services and aid. Upon the transition into adulthood legally (18+), autistic adults  no longer receive help from the government that they have been depending on previously through their lives. They are left to provide for themselves... that is where we at Faneros come in. We continue to aid them through extra learning, cognitive improvement, and social gatherings/trainings! 

The principal founder of Faneros has been paying the dues for a temporary home for an autistic adult whose mother recently died from cancer and has nobody to help. However, our founder will not be able to continue to pay these dues, for he was financially affected severely by COVID-19. If only things couldn't get worse - the facility payments for our autistic community events may no longer be able to be fulfilled due to the government's cease of financial aid and reimbursements to our nonprofit. 

We greatly appreciate any and all donations. With your help blessing, we can continue our decade-long mission and commitment to assisting adults with autism post-COVID-19. Thank you very much.

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Our 9 youth volunteers from FANEROS and the GREATER SEATTLE community came together to raise money by creating and selling dried lavender pouches and re-usable face masks! 

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